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Analytical methods approved by State Metrology Insitute of Republic of Belarus

Republic of Belarus Standards

  • STB 1276-2001 Internal combustion engine fuels. Automotive Petrol. Method of main parameters determination.
  • STB 1287-2001 Gas chromatographs with Data system UniChrom-97. Validation method.

Analytical methods

  • MVI MN 920-98 Chlor-organic pesticide determination method in cabbages, potatoes and apples using solid phase extraction (SPE) and gas chromatography.
  • MVI MN 998-99. Gas chomatographic method of determination of automotive petroleum parameters.
  • MVI MN 1140-99 Componental content, heat of combustion, relative density and the Wobbe number determination method for natural gas.
  • MVI MN 1329-2001 The method of gas-chromatographic determination of ethyl alcohol in biological liquids of organism.

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